Crossfit SLC

Crossfit SLC
CrossFit is a form of high intensity training, strength and conditioning made up of functional movements, with a constantly varying programming. Workouts include Olympic lifts, gymnastics and sport principles.


All Inclusive Annual CrossFit SCL membership

We’re delighted to announce that we are running an exclusive membership offer on our CrossFit SCL box. 
Our All Inclusive Annual CrossFit SCL membership is on offer for only £675, a saving of over £75, based on paying the regular annual cost of £750. Plus, it is £225 cheaper over 12 months than paying monthly (3 month Free)! 
CrossFit SCL’s membership includes: • Mayhem Affiliate - CrossFit SCL’s main class. • SCL Synergy - guided development sessions led by a specialist coach with a focus on Functional gymnastics. • SCL Barbarians – specialist led Olympic Lifting sessions with a focus on developing the main lifts featured in CrossFit. • Aerobic Threshold – with a focus on moderate to high intensity, coaches programme workouts to challenge your energy systems. • Hero training – longer, specialised workouts designed to challenge every level of participant. • Open Gym – Access the box at your own leisure. • All of the above sessions can be scaled to suit absolutely every fitness level by our qualified and dedicated coaches. 
Additional access (Salford Community Leisure’s Centres): • Attend Pool. • Classes programme. • Fitness suites (inc S&C zone). • Sauna & steam room. • Badminton and squash bookings. 
Our monthly membership is £75.00 
Prior to purchase we offer Trial sessions to allow you to get a feel for the programme, coaches, members and facility. 
To access this exclusive offer please contact Chis Smith