I’m not yet a member of the Gym – how do I join?

Do I have to have an induction?

How do I book an induction?

I’m not yet a member and haven’t used the Gym before - can I have an induction if I want one?

Will I need to book to use the Gym?

How do I book a workout session?

How many workout sessions can I book at a time?

How long is a workout session?

How far in advance can I book? 

Can I cancel my booking? 

What belongings can I bring with me? 

Can I share my equipment?

Can I turn-on any of the equipment in the gym that has been designated as ‘out of use’?

Can I move free weights around the gym floor? 

Will you be running any classes? 

How will the Gym be kept clean? 

How will you ensure social distancing? 

Can I bring a guest into the Gym?