Discount Codes at KBK

KBK has plans to cater for all needs whether you are looking to just generally eat healthier, lose weight, build muscle, looking to cut out meat or go Plant Based whilst offering a number of combinations on how many meals you would like per day for 3,5 or 6 days a week. If you are looking to have Gluten Free or Dairy free meals for example this can be factored into any of the plans when placing your orders online. 
For those looking to detox we have you covered as well, there are the very popular Juice & Soup Cleanses, these are perfect if you are looking to kick start a new healthier you.
Discount Codes at Checkout; dock5sub% - This will provide residents with an additional 5% discount which will be recurring each week/month. 
dock5oneoff% - This will provide an additional 10% off our One Off Packages, Taster plans, Juice & Soup Cleanses