International Artists Day

We celebrate International Artist Day on October 25. Art as a creative human expression encapsulates myriad things. It portrays the beauty of life or a bitter reality. It records history, revolutions, rebellions, and sometimes is a means to escape them.

10 Artists Who Changed The Course Of 20th Century Art

Discover the artists that shaped the future

The 20th century was a time of rapid artistic change and development where preconceived, traditional concepts were challenged. The role of the artist, the relationship between representation and significance, and the growing relevance of mass-produced visual images were considered and redefined. Here, we list ten of the key figures who revolutionised the art of the 20th century.
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Top Art Exhibitions To See

Discover Exhibitions For Autumn 2021

Discover the exhibitions that are too good to miss this autumn. From Rodin at the Tate Modern to an epic Paula Rego retrospective at Tate Britain, these are the art exhibitions to go see to make up for the enforced cultural draught earlier this year!
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The Best Of Behance

Discover Amazing Independent Artists

Behance is an online platform where artists and designers from all over the world showcase their artwork and design projects. Discover the curators gallery to see some truly amazing art work to inspire you daily!
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