9 Elms Wines
9 Elms Wines is a treasure trove of award-winning wines & spirits, hand-picked from the portfolio of our founders, Top Selection. Three time winner of the SWA Fine Wine Merchant of the Year award and a specialist importer with 20 years expertise.


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9 Elms Wines is an online retailer founded by specialist importer and three times SWA Fine Wine Merchant of the Year, Top Selection. We give you access to a unique range of exceptional wines & spirits from boutique producers many of which, until now, were only available in fine dining restaurants.

9 Elms Wines enables you to enjoy at home a unique range of award-winning wines and spirits that were previously only to be found gracing the tables of top restaurants and specialist retailers in the UK.

These wines are hand-picked from the treasure trove that is the outstanding portfolio of our founders, Top Selection. A specialist importer with over 20 years expertise in the wine trade and three time winner of the SWA Fine Wine Merchant of the Year award.

9 Elms Wines are dedicated to championing boutique and artisanal producers from across the globe. From the familiar, to the hard to find or unusual, our ambition is to take you on a vinous voyage of discovery - delivering quality and enjoyment at every price point. Along the way we hope to educate and demystify the world of wine through insight from leading sommeliers, chefs and winemakers.

Happy drinking and we look forward to sharing this voyage with you.

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