World Animal Month

World Animal Month is observed every year in October to celebrate animals. Animals are an important part of our ecosystem, so they definitely deserve their own month. The holiday is used to appreciate animals and find meaningful solutions to problems they face. Information is spread about endangered species and what we can do to preserve them. Many special events are held around the world to mark the holiday. Animal lovers and environmental enthusiasts take a special interest in the holiday and use it to do some good for the animals around us.

Helping Animals: Five Easy Ways to Make a Difference

Helping animals is a great way for your family to give back and make a noticeable difference. From forest-dwelling rodents, to farm animals, to your pets at home, even our biggest four-legged friends need a little tender loving care now and then. Shelter pets are looking for permanent homes while wildlife still struggles with man-made trash littering their natural habitats.

5 Best Animal Documentaries To Stream On Netflix Right Now

From the docile to the dangerous, animals have sparked human imagination and awe for generations due to their power, beauty, and most importantly, their cuteness, and Netflix has all you need for your animal documentary fix.  

Save wildlife fight climate change

Climate change affects us all – wildlife and people. To protect wildlife, we have to protect our one shared home. Together, we can do it.