STEP 1: Watch Video Induction Below

You will only be able to access the Dock 5 Gym once you have either watched the online induction or  participated in a physical induction with our resident personal trainer and completed your online Health Commitment Statement.
Once you have watched the video please complete Step 2 below.
Watch Now

You are also able to book your induction in person with our resident PT.

STEP 2: Complete Health Commitment Statement

You can only book access the Dock 5 Gym once you have completed an induction and our Health Commitment Statement which you are able to fill out by clicking the button below. 
Once complete, our concierge team will approve your Gym access status and update your card access so you can then book and access the gym.
Complete Health Commitment Statement

STEP 3: Book the gym at your convenience

You will be notified once our concierge team have approved your Gym access status and authorised your Fob to begin booking the Gym.
The great news is you can then also book a 1-2-1 induction with our resident personal trainer here and even book personal training sessions here.
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1. If you are unsure on how to use any equipment, you must read the guides on the Dock 5 and/ or seek advice from a qualified individual before using the equipment.  2. Nobody under the age if 16 can use the facility and no guests are permitted to use the facility. It is a resident gym only.  3. Residents are not permitted to being in external trainers into the facility  4. No equipment is to be taken outside of the gym  5. Bags are not permitted within the gym and correct attire must be worn. Clothing such as jeans, boots, flip-flops or work wear is not permitted.  6. You must not use the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and/ or medication which may affect your ability to exercise safely.  7. Management reserve the right to remove access to the gym if it reasonably believes you are unfit and/ or abuse the facility.  8. As a curtesy to other residents, please wipe down the equipment after use.  9. Please ensure that you put any equipment or weights back in their original place when finished.  10. Please do not misuse the equipment or weights by dropping them on the floor.  11. Please refrain from taking photos/ videos within the gym which may identify other gym users.  12. ForLiving accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to residents’ personal property whilst visiting the gym.  13. Smoking, including e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the gym.  14. Pets are not allowed in the gym (other than an official aid dog)  15. Residents use the gym at their own risk.  16. No glass bottles to be used in the gym.

Dock 5 Gym FAQ's